The Running Man BBFC Rating: (18)

  • 101mins | BBFC Rating: (18)

The Loft Movie Theatre is proud to present a one-night special screening of Paul Michael Glaser’s 1987 sci-fi action classic, The Running Man.

In a dystopian America, former Police Officer Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is punished for a crime he did not commit and forced to compete in a deadly televised game show to win back his freedom.

But as Richards battles for survival against a team of relentless killers, he discovers government corruption and the true extent of manipulation behind the TV show. Along with his fellow contestants, he must fight - not only for his own freedom, but also to expose the truth to the public.

Based on a story by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman), with colourful characters, high-octane action and plenty of Schwarzenegger's iconic one-liners, The Running Man is the game of life or death that must be seen on the big screen.

Event Key:

  • SO Sold Out
  • KC Kid's Club
  • SS Silver Screen
  • PB Parent & Baby
  • SB Subtitled for hard of hearing
  • FF 35mm Films on Film
  • TC Toddler Club


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